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Today Was Yesterday review: The smart pop-rock duo unleash their debut album with a little help from Robby Krieger and Alex Lifeson

Today Was Yesterday (Drummer, percussionist and programmer Ty Dennis and lead vocalist, primary songwriter, bassist, guitarist, pianist and programmer Angelo Barbera ) don’t do anything by halves. For their debut collaboration they have managed to enlist Alex Lifeson and Robbie Krieger to join them. 

From fentanyl addiction on the album opener ‘Grace’ to religion in ‘My Dog’s my God’, the band cover a gambit of subjects that are unflinching in their artistic pursuit to make the listener question while ruffling enough feathers to disturb the peace. 

Their brand of ‘Smart pop-rock’ does also include industrial tones in tracks like ‘Rukus’ which keep them fixed in the darker vistas of the genre but lyrically the entire album is cryptic enough to give it longevity. 

Inspired by 1970s rock and prog calling to mind Led Zeppelin and Genesis and infused with later acts like Tears for Fears  and NIN. Ultimately the band want to create timeless music that transcends genres and generations. 

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Apr 18
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