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Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse 'Hot Nostalgia Radio' Review - "Get ready for the apocalypse!"

For those of you that like to listen to your music on shuffle, look no further than the new album by Beau Gris Gris (pronounced Gree Gree) and the Apocalypse. 'Hot Nostalgia Radio' was written over a four year period and is filled with pumping radio friendly tracks.

Which station you’d hear these songs on would very much depend on which frequency you are dialled in: there’s punk, rockabilly, country, cabaret, blues, jazz, pop and Cajun all tossed into the glorious gumbo of this album. Rest assured, that whatever genre this dynamic duo turn their hand to they can’t miss. Even their album cover is the epitome of cool, as this album jumps from one delightful earworm to another. Brace yourself, the apocalypse is coming!

This is the third album by the duo (Louisiana born singer Greta Valenti and British Blues Hall of Fame guitarist Robin Davey)  but this album really hits the spot in terms of their musical acuity.  They hit the ground running with a B52’s style track 'Oh Yeah' and the lead mission statement single, 'Satisfy Your Queen,' soon follows. 

The album takes a surprise turn when the versatility of Greta's vocals are really out to the fore on the mid tempo ballad, 'The Runaway'. The integration of Cajun music towards the albums close Is a stunning way to honour Greta's roots too. Davey's guitar work is beautifully understated throughout the album. Every solo or riff is perfectly placed to underscore the track, not dominate it.

No matter what order you listen to these tracks you’ll find something that captures your nostalgia for big melodies and groovy toe tapping songs. They just don’t make them like that anymore.


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