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P.O.D 'Veritas' Album Review: P.O.D go back to their roots on on their 11th Album

Platinum-selling rock juggernaut P.O.D. — Sonny Sandoval (vocals), Marcos Curiel (guitar), and Traa Daniels (bass) — have thrilled fans worldwide with their unique blend of hip-hop, Latin, reggae, and metal influences for over 30 years. Their latest offering, "Veritas," marks the band's 11th studio album.

The word Veritas, which translates to "Truth" in Latin is a concept that defines the emotional core of the album. Even the album cover of a child with its eyes blacked out, signifies “a culmination of innocence and dark hidden truths."

Some of these hidden truths are uncovered by returning to faith as a means of dealing with the ills of the modern world. 'Afraid to Die' pulls in elements of their Christian rock roots, with a crunching guitar riff and uplifting congregatory chorus. The lyrics talk of rebirth, faith and not fearing death because 'I'm bringing all my friends.' 'Lay Me Down' (Roos' Song) also returns with these themes in a rousing juggernaut of a track.

'I Won't Bow Down' steamrollers into the album a few tracks in. It's another track about having faith in the Divine and yourself, a human struggle to rally against those in charge. Its message of empowerment is matched only by the gritty nature of the track's arrangement.

Although the band have flirted with other styles and genres, 'Veritas' is a back-to-basics album. It's filled with heavy instrumentation, forceful vocals, and grungy guitar sounds. It's an album where even slower tracks like 'Lies We Tell Ourselves' have a metallic edge and it's a welcome return.


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