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Randall King ‘ Into the Neon’ review: retro vibes meets nu-country in King's sophomore release

Randall King’s album might be a bit like country by numbers, but you’ll be on for a toe tapping, square dancing rocking rodeo of a ride. 

It’s a smooth, mostly mid tempo album and has the feel of a late 90s early 00 vibe but has enough sass to make it fit for the nu-country crowd. 

There’s some tracks here that and some lyrics that’s you’d only find in country music “what doesn’t kill you makes your drink stronger”. “Burns Like Her” is a typical modern country ballad while ‘Hard to Be Humble’ is exactly the sort of track that will make you want to dust off your cowboy hat and get dancing. 

18 tracks makes it feel a little overly long, but it’s a safe venture into modern country, and an enjoyable listen.



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