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Kula Shaker 'Natural Magik' review: The gang's all back for some more psychedelic Britpop

In the 90s, Britpop icons Kula Shaker managed to bottle up psychedelia and have us all partying like it was 1967. For the first time since 1998, keyboard player Jay Darlington returns to re-unite the original line-up and get their groove on once more.

There are protest songs and sitars galore as Crispian Mills and co continue their mix of Britpop sass and swagger with patchouli oil and a Kaftan coat. There sound is perhaps a little bit more dialed down than it was on K, but certainly no less psychadelic.

'Gaslighter' roars the album into life with the same Britpop angst but with the cynicism of mid-life. Laboni Barua contributes some beautiful vocals on 'Happy Birthday' and 'Chura Liya (You Stole My Heart) Which adds a cinematic vista to the album and sounds like something from a Spaghetti Western that Tarantino would have used.

It's a return to form for a band that continue to expand their sound and our musical minds: far out!


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