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Plastique is certainly an odd group. Too rock’n’roll for the club scene, too electronic for rock purists. A band that insists in making music their way and that has nothing to lose.

Following the rave reviews of their recent string of singles ‘Quake’ and ‘Lips’, the band have been plotting and executing their third instalment entirely behind the seams with ‘The Noise Inside Me’. It’s as catchy as hell and they’ve brought us an intriguing video to boot.

The three-piece electro punk rock outfit have always delivered on their diverse sonic influences and music videos with ‘The Noise Inside Me’ being no exception. Set in a decadent scenario, the video focuses on the song’s themes of conformity and self-expression struggles.

“The song is a reaction” says singer Anelise Kunz. “We’re expected to look or behave a certain way. It starts as a necessity but suddenly you find yourself trapped in a superficial lifestyle and you become everything you’re not. And for whom?”

Guitarist Fabio Couto continues, “To me it’s more about the music. This song is really powerful and its lyrics have become my favourite. I’m sick and tired of pop music telling you everything is OK. This age has some of the most boring and forgettable mainstream music ever produced. So I hope we can inspire some people to think differently and expand their horizons.”

If the song’s catharsis, “Goddamn, we’re all gonna die” isn’t enough, the video - set around a mannequin household coming to life, a sparring dojo reminiscent of ‘Fight Club’ and a dreamy room filled with dust falling like snow - packs a pretty punch.

Plastique’s producer and co-director for the video, Gabriel Ralls, offers another take: “It’s about shedding the skin and getting out your aggression. No one truly wants a perfect life; we all want to do something that matters, but we’re being told otherwise by Instagram. The song and video aims to unleash those demons.”

Catch Plastique on 18th May supporting White Miles at Proud Camden, London.

The Noise Inside Me is released on [DATE TBC] 2016 on all streaming platforms and digital stores.

About Plastique

Plastique formed in 2010 to bring their own flavour of attitude by fusing snarling vocals, gritty riffs and industrial synths / beats for a unique fusion of electro rock.

The band is comprised of singer Anelise Kunz, Fabio Couto on guitars and producer Gabriel Ralls.

Their self-titled debut album was released worldwide in 2011, with 2013's follow-up record '#SocialScar' seeing their electro punk rock fusion sound - highlighted by mastering from multi-Grammy winning Tom Baker - and saw them crowned one of Marshall's top 5 ultimate bands of 2013.

In 2015, Plastique become a double award winning artist in Brazil and released ‘Quake’ and ‘Lips’ as singles with ‘The Noise Inside Me’ being their first 2016 offering.

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