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Devilskin, a phenomenon in their native New Zealand, release the new single Start A Revolution on February 26th to celebrate their first ever UK tour.

The anthemic Start A Revolution from their debut album We Rise is a “call to arms, a wake up call that it’s not too late to do something to change your world.“ With the song’s strong message warning people against complacency, the abstract video touches upon pathos, desperation and fear.

Feast your eyes now upon the visually arresting Start A Revolution video

Devislkin’s debut UK Headline tour kicks off in Birmingham on February 18th and the 8 dates include The Underworld in London on February 26th. Devilskin will be supported on tour by Skarlett Riot.

Devilskin promise their UK shows will be “hard hitting, hot and sweaty” and entertain UK audiences “beyond their expectations”.

We Rise debuted at #1 in New Zealand and became the first album since 2010 by a domestic rock band to achieve Platinum status, while the critics have lauded its UK release.

We Rise, has now been in the Top 20 NZ Albums chart for 78 weeks while the videos for We Rise, have amassed over in excess of 1.65 million views on YouTube.

The four piece Devilskin hail from Hamilton, New Zealand and comprise of the mesmerizing Jennie Skulander on vocals, the red bearded ‘evil twins’ Nail and Paul Martin on guitars and Nic Martin on drums. Devilskin have already earned a formidable reputation by earnestly demonstrating commitment to unpretentious musical values: writing songs that have depth and passion, and a relentless touring schedule. In 2015 Devilskin have supported Mötley Crüe, Slash and Alice Cooper in New Zealand. Their tactical instrumental attack is balanced by the seductive Jennie Skulander and her incredible voice that sweeps from whisper to roar, rips with power, drips with melody and captivates with sincerity.

Devilskin’s irresistible We Rise is at times visceral, urgent and magniloquent but is also tempered with tenderness, empathy, love and bare souls. “‘We Rise’ is a roller coaster of emotions and moods, just like life” enthuses Paul Martin “there’s definitely power and there’s definitely passion. The songs are very real, and brutally honest, just like our live show.”

Musically twisted and possessed We Rise combines gorgeous melodies of heavy, bombastic rifts, with streamlined hard rock anthems aimed squarely at the arena circuit, no one else does it better right now.

These UK dates mark the beginning of the Devilskin revolution and their conquering the Northern Hemisphere.

Devilskin’s We Rise UK February 2016 Tour dates 18th Birmingham The Roadhouse 19th Manchester Rebellion 20th Milton Keynes Craufurd Arms 23rd Glasgow Audio 24th Edinburgh Bannermans 26th London The Underworld 27th Evesham The Iron Road 28th Southampton Talking Heads


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