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We have just heard thistrack and it is definately worth checking out this excellent track from London band Paves. It has a nod to the sounds of yesteryear, but enough of a modern spin to keep it from being samey. There are plenty of musical surprises with this track as well as an excellent riff and some fine lazy rock vocals from Luke Shield. Paves are an indie rock group worth getting excited about!

Psychedelic rockers Paves have just revealed their debut track ‘Dancing ‘til The End Of Time’. Premiered on The Digital Fix who describe the track as ”…a seriously quality three minutes plus that strongly echoes the emerging rock scene of the 60s and 70s. Think Jimi Hendrix meets The Doors and you'll be somewhere in the ball park.”

The band are a London four-piece who over the last twelve months have been building a solid fan base under a number of previous monikers, gigging across the capital’s top clubs and venues, solidifying their sound and live show to become Paves.

And now with ‘Dancing ‘Til The End Of Time’ Paves are ready to move into the spotlight and unfurl their banner as one of the most exciting new bands for 2016.

You can see them in London this autumn at the below dates:

15th Oct - Jazz Cafe, Camden (supporting The Graveltones)

25th Nov - Brooklyn Bowl, The O2

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