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The Dead Daisies have released their EP Face I Love on Spitfire Music. After the success of their début album in 2013 this release serves as an exciting teaser for their sophomore album, due out in 2015. If it's half as good as this EP we should be in for a treat!

The band continue with their classic rock feel, but this time the tracks are more blues based. Jon Stevens' vocals are as sharp as ever and the band is really on top form, which is what you'd expect from a bunch of musos who once belonged to some of the biggest rock bands ever.

This four track EP jumps straight into the party feel with The Face I Love, featuring some great bluesy runs from Dizzy Reed on keys. It's a great opening track and sure to receive plenty of airplay, as is track 2 -Angel In Your Eyes. Angel has a real raw rocky edge with plenty of depth and some fierce playing and not forgetting the compulsory epic chorus. It's a blinding track!

Your Karma, comes across better live, it's an average rock track it's nice to see it mixed and included here. Helter Skelterwhich has proved to be a live favourite is included on the EP too. The band put a really heavy slant on a Beatles classic and it's one of the best covers of the song.

The Face I Love is a sign of great things to come from The Dead Daisies. Roll on the new album!

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