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This week's round-up: From Ashes To New, Tom Walker and The Cheap Thrills

This week we listen to some melodic nu-metal, an anthem about being overwhelmed in the world and some cool indie rock

From The Ashes To New ft Against the Current 'Barely Breathing'

Top 10 alt-metal vanguards FROM ASHES TO NEW have released the emotionally charged new song “Barely Breathing” featuring female-fronted rock trio Against The Current. Adeptly juxtaposing clean vocals and rap verses delivered by FROM ASHES TO NEW founding member Matt Brandyberry alongside impassioned screams from frontman Danny Case, “Barely Breathing,” examines the dissolution of a turbulent romance whose lovers are left “barely breathing.” Against The Current vocalist Chrissy Costanza’s melodic vocals movingly add to the intimacy of the track.  

“From the moment we created this song, we knew it was special,” says Case. “It brought a new angle and a fresh sound to the band and because of that, we knew we wanted to feature a singer that could add their own flair and truly give the song its own identity. Chrissy is a perfect addition to this song and her voice brings a dynamic that elevates the song to an even greater level.”

Tom Walker - 'Head underwater'

Tom Walker today unveils his simply sensational new earworm of a single Head Underwater. The track is the second official single to be taken from his highly-anticipated new album I Am, out Summer 2024.

Dealing with the very real struggles of life and the fine art of keeping it together, ‘Head Underwater’ is a soulful pop anthem with a soaring vocal that sounds like a whole new Tom Walker.

Of the song, Tom explains; “This is about keeping my inner demons at bay and the constant battle I'm having with myself - sometimes feeling suffocated and overwhelmed by the weight of the world. Head Underwater signifies the sensation of feeling like I'm drowning in my own thoughts and emotions. Despite the overwhelming struggle, there's a determination to survive and emerge stronger from this internal conflict.”

The back end of last year saw impeccable releases in ‘Burn’ & ‘Freaking Out’ - both of which Tom performed with aplomb on Later…With Jools Holland. Watch HERE & HERE.

The Cheap Thrills - 'Last Orders'

The new single is a late-night indie party anthem which celebrates those that don’t get quite so lucky and head home alone. With its propulsive bouncy rhythm and huge singalong chorus it spills out onto the street to meet airy synths and intricate guitar licks reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club and Foals. The video captures a lonely night for one sole drinker in a dilapidated pub, but regardless he is still having a great time soundtracked by a set from The Cheap Thrills.

Regarding the single frontman Lewis Pike says, "It’s a song about the worst time of the best nights, the thrill of the chase. ‘Last Orders’ explores the comedy and tragedy of going home alone. You don’t find love on a Friday night."


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