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This week's round-up: New music from Troy Redfern, Joanne Shaw Taylor and Serious Black

Ferocious blues rock from Troy Redfern, a deeply personal track from Joanne Shaw Taylor and some power metal as Serious Black celebrate their 10th birthday.

Troy Redfern - ''Van Helsing'

Invocation is the title of the highly anticipated new 11-track album from slide guitar virtuoso Troy Redfern. The album, released by RED7 Records on Friday 17th May 2024, is available in limited edition coloured vinyl, black vinyl, plus two different CD cover artwork designs. Pre-order the album from

The fifth single taken from the new album is “Van Helsing.” This is one of my favourite tracks from the new album Invocation,” says Troy. “It’s dark and heavy from the outset, musically reflecting themes of these times of uncertainty. The dystopian verse narrative is juxtaposed by an uplifting chorus that comments on the fact that were all looking for our own ray of light in this life to get us through. No matter how bad things can seem, there’s always something worth fighting or living for.”

Troy is prolific. He’s released albums at an unprecedented pace, but judging by the strength of “Van Helsing” and the four previous singles “Getaway,” “The Fever,” “The Strange,” and “The Calling,” Invocation, promises to be his most compelling album to date.

Over the course of last two albums The Fire Cosmic (2021) and Wings of Salvation (2022) Troy found his true voice stylistically in terms of writing and playing, but with Invocation he created a collection of outstanding new songs that carves out his own identity as to who he really is an artist.

Troy head to the west Wales coast with his trusty 1929 National Triolian resonator guitar for a week of solitude in a remote Sheppard’s hut to sketch the initial song ideas for the new album.

“It was important for me to clear my mind of all distractions so I could really focus on what I wanted to write on this album and the direction I wanted to take it in,” says Troy.

With Invocation Troy explores fresh musical territory, from the heavy, bone crushing slide riffs and big sing along choruses on “Van Helsing” and “Getaway” to the evocative, wind-swept western landscapes of “The Native” and “Blind Me.” After three albums in three years Troy continues to expand his musical horizons and keep his creative fire burning. 

Joanne Shaw Taylor - 'Change of Heart'

Renowned blues-rock guitarist and singer-songwriter Joanne Shaw Taylor unveils "Change Of Heart," the final and most personal single from her eagerly anticipated album Heavy Soul, out June 7th via Journeyman Records. Featuring Taylor's expressive vocals and masterful guitar playing, the track is further enriched by its joyful and inspirational lyrics, penned with the help of the legendary songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, (Bonnie Raitt, Elton John, Willie Nelson, Trisha Yearwood) which explores the vulnerability and courage involved in opening up to love.

Change of Heart is one of my favourite songs on the album,” Joanne shares. “It's about meeting someone who makes you want to risk your heart again, despite past hurts. Beth's lyrical genius really brought the emotion of the song to life."

Produced by the acclaimed Kevin Shirley, Joanne’s new album Heavy Soul features a collection of songs that navigate the complexities of love, resilience, and personal transformation, showcasing her signature blend of blues-rock guitar and soulful pop sensibilities. Critics have already praised Taylor for her authenticity and raw talent, with Classic Rock Magazine noting her "rich honeyed marriage of blues-rock guitar and soulful pop sensibilities" and Blues Matters hailing her as "a beacon of authenticity and talent."

Recognized for her exceptional guitar skills and powerful songwriting, Joanne’s journey, which began at the age of 16 when discovered by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, has seen her garner accolades from music icons like Stevie Wonder and Annie Lennox. Following the success of albums like Reckless Heart and The Blues Album, Heavy Soul emerges from Joanne's creative vision of bridging the gap between her previous album Nobody's Fool and her blues origins. The album features an array of accomplished studio musicians, including Anton Fig, Alison Presswood, and Rob McNelley blending their unique talents to create an unforgettable musical experience.

Serious Black - ' Metalized'

Ten years of SERIOUS BLACK, ten years of melodic power metal with the license to create anthems Since their founding in 2014 the band enthuses their fans not only with five studio albums to date (their last offering, "Vengeance Is Mine", charted at a phenomenal #16 in Germany), but also at acclaimed concerts and festival appearances around the globe. 

To celebrate their decadal birthday in glorious style, SERIOUS BLACK have announced the release of a brand new album "Rise Of Akhenaton", out on 27th September via AFM Records. The album pre-sale has just started at

At the same time, the band will be on tour throughout Europe with Sonata Arctica and Firewind. To shorten your wait, SERIOUS BLACK will unleash three singles, including video clips, starting today with the uptempo track "Metalized". With its powerful guitar riffing, the dynamic base of drum and bass and the hymn like catchy tunes this song unites all the band’s strengths. 

Band mastermind Mario Lochert comments: "10 years of Serious Black! 10 years was the intro of Akhenaton the first track which blasted like a rolling thunder through the loudspeakers at over 200 concerts worldwide . Now it's time to bring Akhenaton and his army to life "Rise of Akhenaton" the album. So what would be better to start the journey into the album with a song, that reflects the lifestyle, heart and love to the music of every heavy metal fan - aren't we all a little 'Metalized'?"


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