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HI THERE THANKS FOR ANSWERING SOME QUESTIONS FOR US. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF FOR US WHO ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH YOU AND YOUR MUSIC AND TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF. Hey! We are Faded Shades! An alternative rock trio hailing from Kent comprised of Joe, Charlie & Liam. We make jangle pop rock which can often be soaked in distortion or have a softer side, we like to keep you guessing! If you like modern rock by the likes of Liam Gallagher, Catfish, Sam Fender and Blossoms then you’ll be sure to love us! TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR NEW ALBUM OR SINGLE? Our latest single is called Heartache Calling and it's a Red Hot Chili Peppers inspired jam with lyrics to burn your heart out to over the top! The tune has some decent instrumental breakdowns and backing vocals to ease a worried mind. It's available from Friday 08.07.22 on all major streaming platforms and joins a backlog of other great tracks already released in our arsenal. Throw us in your fave playlists and we will sling a shout out your way! WHAT INSPIRED THE SINGLE?

The single is inspired by loneliness and isolation from people and society around you. Theres nothing worse than feeling disconnected from everyone and everything because no one seems to understand your ethos or approach to living. The song uses the imagery of lights searching through fog to emulate a sense of finding yourself in a cold world. CAN YOU SUM UP THE ALBUM IN A FEW WORDS? A few? Probably chill, a tad sad and a whole lot of decent instrumentation! It's a headphones in a dark room kind of tune! WHAT RECORD CHANGED YOUR LIFE AND WHY? Probably Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd. It's a throw back to music being worth so much more than just cheap hooks and earworms that people seem to love these days. Music should make you think, feel emotions on many levels not just happiness. Music should aim to take you on a journey, rather than simply be catchy enough for you to hum along to. DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE MUSIC VIDEO FILMED BY YOUR BAND OR ANOTHER ARTIST? Our fave music video of our own is for What I’m On About !

WHAT WOULD WE FIND YOU DOING WHEN YOU'RE NOT MAKING MUSIC? We would be frequenting a local watering hole for a few beers and a packet of cheese and onion crisps. The pub would most likely have a pool table and a jukebox. That's it, simple needs and good laughs with good company. Maybe at a push they do a decent cod and chips as well, mushy peas and curry sauce… now your talking. DO YOU GET NERVOUS PERFORMING LIVE, IF SO HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THAT? Yes, it's easy to get nervous before performing live, but those nerves go away after the first chord of the opening track and you can ease into the performance and make sure you enjoy it for the ride and what it's worth. I think being nervous beforehand is a good thing because it keeps you grounded and honed in on what you are about to do. Without that, you could end up going out too cocky and coming unstuck. No one wants that! HOW DID YOU FORM THE BAND? Myself (Joe) & Liam met on a website called Join My Band and we jammed together. Liam mentioned he knew some other musicians starting a project so we joined forces and created False Widow! The band jammed and had some decent tunes, went to a studio etc but it ultimately fizzled out due to musical differences and there was a lack of drive to promote the band beyond Kent. So myself and Liam broke away to form a new venture. We recorded a demo first album in a spare bedroom at my grandparents house before realising we needed a drummer. Many failed auditions later we decided to invite my brother Charlie to both learn drums and play drums for us. He accepted and we’ve never looked back! HOW DO YOU WRITE? - DO YOU HAVE A KEY SONGWRITER, OR DO YOU ALL WORK TOGETHER? Lyrically I write all of the songs material but collectively we jam the musical components together. Having multiple inputs gives a broader scope of inspiration and ultimately a more creative field to build a song. If I were to write and release my own music it would not be nearly as heavy as Faded Shades! WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Inspiration needs to be found everywhere, we don’t have a particular single source of it. To be a spontaneous and outgoing person who is accepting and active in the field you work in goes a long way. Treat people how you want to be treated and they will ultimately inspire you as you will them. WHAT IS NEXT? More singles! Heartache Calling! Stay! All in the pipeline and ready to grace your ear canals with a hot squirt of musical genius. Be sure to follow us via the handle @fadedshadesband to keep up to date with all the latest tunes and live gigs. Hopefully, see you down the front row soon! PLEASE TELL US ANY SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS SO WE CAN SHARE.


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