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K-ROCK band, is finally releasing the documentary of their July 2019 tour

BURSTERS, South Korea’s leading K-ROCK band, is finally releasing the documentary of their July 2019 tour around the UK at 5 cities (Norwich, Birmingham, Brighton, London, Manchester), part 1 of their world tour, that captures all the behind the scenes but also tells the full, real story of ‘BURSTERS’. This tour was a realization of BURSTERS’ lifelong dream to tour in the UK as well as a chance to finally perform live in front of their overseas fans they had only interacted with online before. But will the UK be receptive to BURSTERS’ K-ROCK?

“Ever since we were young, we talked about how 'Someday, we're going to go to the UK, or another place abroad' every single day. So we will show all of UK fans, all of you guys, what we got. Everything.”

BURSTERS first entered the limelight in 2014 through Korea’s most popular audition TV program ‘Superstar K’, in which they made headlines as lifelong friends and a “Fishing Industry Band”. The members were working at a fish manufacturing company at the time to support their dream of rock stardom and world tours. And now, even with the rock genre increasingly cast aside as non-mainstream and on its way downhill, BURSTERS is going for it nonetheless at the UK, the home of rock, going against the odds as an Asian band on foreign land determined to spread rock of their home country, K-ROCK.

BURSTERS was the first-ever rock band to reach Top 6 on Super Star K five years ago, defying everyone’s expectations. BURSTERS was the first Korean artist in history to be added to UK’s most authoritative rock magazine ‘Kerrang!’ radio playlist and be introduced through a special feature on ‘Kerrang!’ magazine as “The New Face of Korean Rock”. Time and time again, BURSTERS broke into the dirt themselves to pave their own path and start on difficult roads. But will this new road also lead them to success?

“As always, giving up is not an option for us.

We will sing about hope when we come up against these walls ahead.

We will always find one more stage for our passion.”


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