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 Scarlet Rebels Release New Single 'Grace' from Upcoming Album 'Where The Colours Meet'

South Wales' chart-topping rock band, Scarlet Rebels, release their new single 'Grace' from the forthcoming album 'Where The Colours Meet.' This follows their recently released single 'Secret Drug,' which was voted Classic Rock Track of the Week and praised by Metal Planet Music as a track that "rightfully belongs" in arenas, described by Rawramp as "a straightforward hit," and given a 5/5 rating by Planet Mosh.

Secret Drug landed straight in the Planet Rock playlist and is the fourth most played track this week on their airwaves! 'Grace,' written by frontman Wayne Doyle and guitarist Chris Jones, showcases the band's progression as songwriters. Doyle shared his excitement, saying, “This song is one of my favourites on the album. it’s a guitar riff, based sing along type of anthem that will be swirling around your inner jukebox for days hopefully, a proper ear worm. 

CJ sent us the composition just before we started working on new songs, and I matched its music with lyrics from an older song I had written called 'Grace.' With some tweaks, it all came together perfectly. Inspired by songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, I aimed to create vivid imagery, like a girl picking flowers and laughing in the rain.

The song tells the story of someone overcoming a tough past and finding hope, ultimately becoming the narrator's 'saving grace.'” Produced by Colin Richardson and Chris Clancy, 'Where The Colours Meet' is set to release on August 16, 2024 via Earache Records.  The album promises to expand Scarlet Rebels' sonic palette. It’s an album full of fluid guitar lines, tasteful leads and irresistible choruses but with a contemporary full-on sound. The band also announce a special one off show to celebrate the album in an intimate setting where they will play the album live in full sound on Friday August 16th  at Bunkhouse in Swansea. Fans can pre-order the album in various formats, including limited edition vinyl, signed CDs, and collector's bundles, at Pre-order Album: HERE  'GRACE' is available on all digital platforms: HERE

Photo Rob Blackham

Album: Where The Colours Meet

Release Date: 16th August, 2024

Single: Secret Drug

Release Date: 17th April, 2024

Scarlet Rebels:

Wayne Doyle – vocals, guitar

Chris Jones - lead guitar

Gary Doyle – drums

Carl Oag – bass guitar


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