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Lucifour M is a four-piece band whose multifaceted and multidimensional music features many references to cinematic works. Thus, the four musicians point to parallels between the stylistic devices of director Bruno Dumont and their own musical approach which they like to resume as follows: “It's like standing on the verge of abyss, as if peering deeply into the eyes of the impossible.”

HI THERE THANKS FOR ANSWERING SOME QUESTIONS FOR US. TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR NEW ALBUM Well...we just released the first half of it, an EP called UNO, second part, called DUE will be out 28th February via Sonar Kollektiv Berlin / K7 Records London We consider those 2 an album actually, because born in the same sessions, then together with the label we decided to split it in was born in a total musical stream of consciousness jamming...creativity at full speed, very fast...then it took a while to give it a proper order, arranging, editing, producing, mixing a lot... HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT THE SONGWRITING PROCESS? As said, it is very spontaneous....also lyrics come up playing with words amongst different sounds and notes... WHAT INSPIRED THE ALBUM? Our life...and a lot of musical input, from R&B to music for children probably! ...all comes up from freedom I guess WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE TRACK? FOX, the current single is probably our favourite...3 songs into 1...exactly how we really shows what we are and what we do at the moment WHO ARE YOUR BIGGEST INFLUENCES? A lot...from Bowie to Stevie Wonder....a lot of Italian music like Pino jazz and of course things happening in our life...daily... WHAT RECORD CHANGED YOUR LIFE? Songs In The Key Of Life (Stevie Wonder) WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING IF YOU DIDN'T MAKE MUSIC? I can't tell for others...for me: Philosophy WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO RECORD ONE OF YOUR SONGS, AND WHICH ONE? Outcast, Steve Lacy & A. G. Cook from P.C. Music together :-) HOW DID YOU FORM THE BAND? I and Marco just met after a gig and it happened...then Mattia Dallara, aka Matta, joined...there is also a fourth element we simply call M... WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO ANYONE STARTING OUT? Be yourself, do what you want to do how you want to do. WHAT IS NEXT We are preparing a to be ready for next gigs and a tour we are currently planning, in spring around The Great Escape Festival in Brighton we will be playing at, we really can't wait! Follow us on our socials, these are really full days, every day something new, we are really happy. Stay Tuned!


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