Recently discovered live recording draws heavily on the Maiden years

When a festival crowd who are more accustomed to disco and pop can be heard alongside die-hard Iron Maiden fans singing to the opening of Prowler, it goes to show how far-reaching Maiden's legacy is.

These newly recovered and restored tapes from the 2006 Waltrop Festival have a bootleg quality to them, including the occasional boo-boo, but all this aids the raw, grungy sound. The set focuses on Paul Di'Anno's time with East London's finest but includes his subsequent work with Killers and Battlezone. A ferocious cover of Alex Harvey's Faith Healer also makes a surprise appearance that really shakes up the setlist.

Maiden may have developed precision and become more progressive over the years, but Di'Anno stuck to the punk sound; which is evident from his gruff vocal and occasional guttural death metal snarls. This heavier vocal style is a reminder of Maiden's genesis, but this show proves that Di'Anno is much more than Murders At Rue Morgue and Phantom of the Opera.

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