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From Wishbone Ash to John Lennon’s iconic “Imagine” Album to the creation of a brand new musical genre, Rolling Stones’ Top 20 Guitarist, Ted Turner, and his wife and musical partner, Majella, launch their first artistic collaboration, the “Better Together” album, prompting their international fan base to welcome their creation as the birth of a new musical genre: “New Age Soul.”

Released via Cherry Red, this playbook of 12 original songs is inspired by their thirteen-year journey as first friends, then lovers, and, more recently, husband and wife collaborators, Better Together is a hauntingly lyrical, soul-touching testament to their journey from getting to know one another to discovering their true selves through music, which, they say, “has been the glue that brought and has held them together throughout.” A promo video for the title track can be seen here:

Explains Majella, “Each song is a celebration of our unique chemistry, our spiritual beliefs, our love for humanity and for nature, and most of all our life calling together. From the eponymous first song, “Better Together,” which describes our first encounter, when we both instinctively felt a synchronicity about our meeting to “Karmony,” which was inspired by the legacy of John Lennon who was living his life purpose when, through imagining and promoting collective consciousness, directly changed the world, to my personal favourite, “If You Believe,” which is about being authentic and walking your talk, every song on the album is to acknowledge and remind people of the unquestionable truth of who we are, why we are here, and that there is something bigger than all of us.” Adds Turner, “After extensive touring, I left Wishbone in 1974 to pursue a personal pilgrimage. Whilst traveling, I was drawn to the comprehensive works of Buckminster Fuller, becoming involved in the ‘World Man Band’ (alongside Michael Mitchell) - an initiative designed to raise global consciousness through rock music. My journey since then has taught me that we are not separate; everything has a relationship. We are nature. Systems only exist through collaboration, otherwise there is no life. The power that we have is to love and be kind – to one another, to nature, to our animal friends, and to the planet. Success for all is not complicated when we’re serving everyone. My union with Majella began as a friendship which, some ten years later, developed into a marriage. Although aware of each other’s drive for creating music, neither of us could have imagined the synergy to be found through collaboration. To understand what is core to our music, look no further than the track If You Believe - we live, and we learn, through love. Our music comes from the heart and the depths of our soul. For us, Better Together is not just a beautiful testament to our love; it’s a reminder that the heart connection is where we overcome our greatest obstacles, and live the fullest expression of who we really are.” Ted Turner and Majella are acutely aware that the planet is hurting and, together, are using their musical platform to raise awareness of this crisis, and, as vegans, to support a world based on “compassion instead of cruelty.” To experience Ted Turner and Majella’s music or for more information please visit Amazon CD: iTunes:

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