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Every so often a song comes along that just wraps you up in a blanket of warm melody and makes you want to hit the repeat button. Brash Issac's new track In The Dark is just such a song. Instantly appealing with a cozy chorus and a hook that makes you want to to just turn the radio up. There's no doubt that once the airwaves get hold of this song, Brash Issac will be everywhere.

Brash Isaac is the musical pursuit of Andrew Cameron. Based in Belfast they describe themselves as 'accidental pop music.' If upbeat, catchy tunes was a happy accident they have surely found themselves a niche. Combining folk songwriting with a mixture of rock and pop, Brash Isaac's music is both heartfelt and radio friendly. Cameron's earnest and vulnerable lyrics, along with an impressive handle on melody, create an accidental pop music of sorts.

Brash Isaac has continued to make waves in the Northern Irish music scene and beyond.Whether solo or full band, Brash Isaac has lit up venues around Belfast, including The Empire Music Hall and The Limelight; not forgetting a quick jaunt stateside for a Sofar Sounds NYC show in the iconic Greenwich Village area. Following on from a series of EPs through 2016, Brash Isaac compiled their releases to date in December on 'Living In The Dark & Other Clichés'

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