Janice Long’s new favourite folk charlatan reveals his dark side.

Having stormed the stages of Folk on the Dock Fest, Kendal Calling, Green

Meadows and many more in 2016, Alex Hulme comes banging on our door in early

2017 with his latest single, ‘Family Tree’.

In tribute to the recent loss of a very young relative, Alex, with his strong, yet

fragile voice and his driving melodies, screams his desperation and helplessness

about the family tree being torn apart.

With Alex’s unique song-writing style, contrasting his arrangement of heartbreaking

lyrics with an exultant melody, Family Tree transcends the typical meandering

structure of folk that we’re used to. Alex skillfully conveys a heartbreaking

journey for the listener, whilst delivering the most sincere and powerful message.

The sudden ending stops us in our tracks and leaves us with the memory of soulstirring beauty. We never stop dreaming, no matter how cruel reality is.

Everyone’s favourite singer and loop maker has received plaudits from Paul

McCartney, Billy Ocean and Janice Long, with his work has receiving critical

acclaim from Ultimate Guitar and the BBC. He conquers the intricate layering of

loops on a live stage that would put many to shame; his live show is intense and

joyous to watch at every turn.

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