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Award-winning country/Americana artist and songwriter Shantell Ogden will release her highly anticipated, 5th studio album 'The Road That Drives Me', on September 13th, and has released a single 'Devil Comes Knockin' to stream via Soundcloud. The album is an eight-song collection that follows on the heels of Shantell’s successful 'Ghosts In The Field'. The album is her debut as a producer, and has a live, open sound, with warm and authentic tones. “Already an award-winning artist, Shantell Ogden has just raised her own bar,” says Judy Rodman, writer/producer (LeAnn Rimes, Loretta Lynn). “Her vocals on her newest project have more subtlety and control than ever; the cool tracks perfectly carry her voice and her brilliantly crafted songs straight to the heart.”

In her own words: “I grew up on a farm in Utah and one of the lessons I learned is that the cows would always push on certain parts of the fence until it broke down. Even if we’d fix that part of the fence, they would continue to push on those parts of the fence until it was again broken. Devil Comes Knockin’ is a haunting story about how the devil pushes on us, our weaknesses and failures, hoping that we’ll break. It’s about being followed by your demons, and a voice of warning not to ‘open the door.’

A gritty song about the dark side in all of us. The message here is 'don't open the door when the devil comes knockin'. It has a deep rootsy feel, and I wrote it with Riley Anglen."


Shantell's songs have received airplay on more than 800 country and Americana radio stations and shows internationally, reaching Top 2 chart positions both in the U.S. and Europe. Her songs have also appeared on the CW's TV series 'Hart of Dixie' and in several feature films. She's won honors for Songwriter of the Year and Americana Song of the Year for 'Ghosts in the Field' in the 2015 IMEA Awards, and Americana Album of the Year for 'Better At Goodbye' in the 2014 IMEA Awards.

This year Shantell has toured the UK & US and enjoyed extensive media appearances including Coffee, Country & Cody (WSM) and Good Day Utah (Fox).

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