To celebrate the Nations faveourite soap, we take a look back at the 'Enders musical talent.

Plenty of the Eastenders stars have wowed us with their singing voices over the years, and we don't mean at the Queen Vic karaoke night or sonyas trumpet!

Who can forget Angie Watts (Anita Dobson) the first Landlady of the Vic. In 1986 Anita Dobson got to #4 in the charts with a sung version of the EE theme with lyrics by Don Black.

In the same year the teens of Albert Square decided to form a band called, The Banned, featuring Ian Beale on drums (yes really!) Sharon Watts (aka Sharon Mitchell/Rickman) on vocals and Simon Wicks (Wicksy) on keyboards. After making girls swoon with his version of Every Loser Wins in the show, actor Nick Berry went on to have a #1 hit with the song knocking Madonna off the top spot. Letitia Dean Aka Sharon and Paul Medford (Kelvin Carpenter) also released a song based on her on screen performance, the funky 80s tune Something Outa Nothing, which is actually pretty good and got to #12.

Sean Maguire (Adian Brosnan) released his first album in 1994 and had a couple of hit singles including the teenybop song Someone To Love which got to #14 and his biggest hit Good Day which peaked at #12. The bad news is his musical career was shortlived, the good news is he's doing lots of acting stuff these days.

Michelle Gayle (Hattie Tavernier) did have some moderate success as an R&B/pop artist, with the #4 hit Sweetness being the best known. She was also nominated for 3 Brit Awards too.

Martine McCutcheon ( Tiffany Mitchell) had a huge #1 hit with Perfect Moment 1999. The song was pretty theatrical and considering Martine has a love of musicals this was a perfect song for her.

Shane Richie (Alfie Moon) had a #2 hit with I'm Your Man in 2003 as a Children In Need charity song. He's also released 2 albums. his cheeky chap image was perfect for the role of Danny in Grease. He's not got the best voice in the World, but hes got bags of personailty and in the biz that counts for a lot!