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Famous musical acts without a UK #1 Part 1

There's a misconception that huge, stadium-filling artists have loads of number-one singles. Well, the pop charts are a funny animal, so we're here to namecheck several acts that have amazingly never had a UK Number One!

Bon Jovi

The New Jersey band have had plenty of air-grabbing hits - 38 in the top 75! Sadly they are still living on a prayer and yet to score that number one spot!

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson's career spans 4 decades and she's a huge star. she even boasts 17 Top 10 singles, but she's never reached the top of the UK chart.

Shania Twain

You must be joking right? Sorry nope. It doesn't impress us much that the Queen of Country cross-over has never scored a number one - she's actually never got higher than number 3!

Depeche Mode

Pioneers of synth-pop, Depeche Mode have had an amazing 42 Top 40 singles, but they've never got about number 4.

Tina Turner

The undisputed Queen of Rock and Roll has sold over 100 million records and won 12 Grammy Awards. (8 competitive). During her Break Every Rule World Tour in 1988, she set a then-Guinness World Record for the largest paying audience (180,000) for a solo performer. Sadly she never reached the top spot in the UK, but she's still simply the best!

The Who

The Who have reached the top of the album charts in 1971 with Who's Next, but they have never reached the number one spot. The closest they've come is My Generation (1965) and I'm A Boy (1966) which reached #2. My Generation was kept off the top by The Seekers track The Carnival is Over and I'm A Boy was stopped by Jim Reeves and Distant Drums.

The Smiths

The Smiths were 80s icos, but they never managed to score a UK #1. They had 3 top 10 singles, so they were close, but no cigar.

Mary J Blige

Mary J Blige has released some terrific songs, but never got higher than number 2 when she ironically released One with U2 in 2006.


Between 2009 and 2015 the cast of the American TV series seemed to cover everything! They began with Don’t Stop Believing and went on to record Thong Song, Gold Digger and Like A Prayer, but never managed a number one.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley is a legend and the best-selling reggae artist of all time. His music has spent 174 weeks in the top 75, but never at the top.


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