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Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience release ‘I Rather Be Wrong’ to lead the way for their forthcoming album “Counterfeited Blues!” in early 2021. The song hears Fab sharing life’s many lessons of survival in the entertainment industry with his daughter, Andrea Grossi-Benitez (in her own right a promising young actress/writer and singer), whose backing vocals are on the album and also a back up vocalist for the “more famous outfit” as Fab calls, Supersonic Blues Machine.

The core musicians of the band are all Fathers, with their kids being all aspiring musicians or actors, and they are faced with all the hardship their rocking parents went through at the embarking of their careers. As Fab states, “Who better to advise the young bloods upon the potential pitfalls, yet uplifting moments of the “biz” than their thick skinned Fathers, yet also let them loose?”

Well known for working with household name musicians of the community across the globe, Fab fronts the band on lead vocals and bass guitar. The album features world class musicians - the stellar Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, American Idol finalist Diimond Meeks on lead vocal scats, & the rising star guitarist Derek Day.

Just as with his other award winning band, fronted by Kris Barras with Kenny Aronoff - the thrilling live shows of the band are heavily jam based, as to embrace the golden era of live Blues Rock & Soul: the 60’s and the 70’s! On stage, the ensemble easily moves between new crafted tunes and all time classics spanning time in Hendrix, Cream, Allman Bros, Stevie Wonder but they are a far cry from your regular covers band.

Fab is excited to bring his new music to excite, thrill, enlighten and raise awareness of how we can all come together in these most strange of times, and not only the best of times. With this song, he wishes his best in this holiday season. Felice Anno Nuovo!

Part of Soul Garage Experience proceedings are proud to support (Music Therapy for Forces Veterans affected by PTSD) (Homeless families support network)

The Guitarwrist in aid of the above &

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