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The Photogroupie team are big KB fans, so this has been a very exciting week. Running Up that Hill (A Deal With God) has hit the UK #1 slot - and set a few UK chart records too: oldest female to have a number one, longest a song has taken to get to number one (37 years), and the longest gap between number one singles 44 years!

The track has had further chart success around the world, thanks to the song's inclusion in the current series of Stranger Things. It feels fitting that we should honour the track's renaissance in our VIDEO OF THE WEEK feature.

The track was the lead single from Kate's 1985 album The Hounds of Love. Originally the subtitle (A Deal With God) was only on the album sleeve, as EMI thought didn't want any negative reactions from the title and was told that several countries would not play the song if had God in the title. Ironically now the full title has been restored, the song has now reached #1 in Ireland and Australia - two of the counties that wouldn't play the track with the official title 37 years ago.

The video features Kate's typical style of interpretive dance alongside Michael Hervieu (now Misha Hervieu, a transgender dancer and actor), choreographed by Diane Grey and directed by David Garfath - most notably a cameraman on The Empire Strikes Back, Superman II and Superman III, but he also went on to direct commercials.



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