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Delicate Steve has shared a video for the surrealist new song “Looking Glass” today, a track that stirs up an air of mystery and restlessness atop a churning, perpetually unsettled groove. Directed by Eleanor Petry the video follows Steve as he walks the streets of Los Angeles playing the riff of the song on his guitar and encountering some mysterious figures along the way.

“Looking Glass” is featured on ‘After Hours’, Steve’s latest studio album that will be released on July 8. ‘After Hours’ marks a first for Marion: an earnest, easygoing collection that revels in the simple joys of plugging in and playing.

In another first, Marion teamed up with outside musicians on the record, bringing in a group of all-star players including renowned bassist Shahzad Ismaily (Yoko Ono, Marc Ribot) and famed Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco (David Byrne, Atoms For Peace) to help flesh out the arrangements and stretch his sonic boundaries. The result is Marion’s warmest, most magnetic work to date, an inviting, immediately accessible album that manages to balance thoughtful introspection and carefree bliss in equal measure.


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