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Making guitar pop great again - from the Bavarian Forest

What a thunderclap! ATOMIC are back - and then immediately with such a huge stomper in front of the Lord! After their last album “Heartbeater”, the indie-rock band from Germany took ten years to finally present a new single.

And what a banger!

The two twin brothers Thomas and Rainer Marschel, who could never and never wanted to hide their love for Oasis are making guitar pop great again - from the Bavarian Forest.

"Gimme Your Love" starts dark, evil and angry, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club looks over envious. But then haunted and bell-like brass turn the corner. At the latest, Primal Scream with Kasabian will stop by and lure you onto the dance floor in the indie club. Gin and tonic glass in one hand, the other hand stretched towards the sky - ATOMIC are back!

"Gimme Your Love" is the first single from the upcoming ATOMIC album that will be released in 2022.

Atomic - Bio:

ATOMIC can count on quite a following in 2022, having played more than 300 shows not only in their native Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and England. Given that we are talking about a German guitar pop-band this is a massive achievement which helped them gain a more than solid reputation among German indieheads. Stemming far from the urban centers of Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, twin brothers Thomas and Rainer Marschel were raised out in the woods of the Bavarian Forest near the border to Czech Republic and started out in 2000 to form a band that would take them places. The fact that ATOMIC could not rely on a weel-established network has always been regarded as a challenge rather than an obstacle. “The Big Issue”, their debut release of 2002, proved to be a first success with an ever growing audience. The self distributed mini-album got a well deserved mention in the "Rolling Stone Magazine" and "NME Magazine" ("....The German Oasis") and thousands of copies were sold only through online and merchandise sales. For ATOMIC this success eventually caused them to open for Pete Doherty´s Babyshambles, The Sherlocks, Kula Shaker, Chumbawamba, Steve Cradock (Ocean Colour Scene), The Charlatans and Paul Weller with Gem Archer (Oasis) on their respective tours in Germany and Austria.

After the debut album "Wonderland Boulevard" in 2005, their sophomore effort, entitled "Coming Up From The Streets" was released in 2008. The recording of the album in Munich’s Telstar Studios, of Arctic Monkeys and The Cribs fame, saw dramatic changes in the line-up: While the bands masterminds Thomas (vocals) and Rainer Marschel (vocals & guitar) remained at the helm, Daniel Mederer (guitar), Dominik Teubert (bass) and Benedikt Schweiger (drums) are all new additions to ATOMIC. They’re coming up from the streets – and they’re not bound to stop. Together they recorded the follow-up album "Heartbeater" that was released in 2011. In early 2018 ATOMIC contributed their song "Monkey Fingers" for the movie soundtrack of "Accident Man" (Sony Pictures) starring Hollywood´s next big action star "Scott Adkins" who is previously known from movies like "The Expendables 2", "Boyka: Undisputed", "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" or "Marvel´s Doctor Strange".

ATOMIC are currently in the studio "Tonbrauerei" in Berlin to finish their new fourth album that will be released in 2022. The current single release called "Gimme Your Love" is the first taste of it.


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