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Daleks, Kate Bush, The Kinks and Crazy Santa we look at these unique Christmas songs

Some people dread December when every radio station is filled with Christmas tunes and the fear of Whamageddon! We hear the same songs played and by the time the big day comes around, we never want to hear another Christmas tune again! But some artists broke the mould.

A lot of Christmas songs generally have a novelty element to them and a few of these tunes capitalise on the novelty factor. Others put a different perspective on the classic festive song, while others are wonderfully idiosyncratic.

*Contains adult content*

'I'm Gonna Spend Christmas With A Dalek' The Go-Go's

This song was the only track recorded by The Go-Go's. Released in 1964 when Dalekmania swept the nation. Part parody, part novelty, and perfect for any Whovian. Who wouldn't want a Dalek in their Christmas stocking?

'The Night Santa Went Crazy' - Weird Al

Only Weird Al could write a Christmas song about Santa having a 'Falling Down' moment and going on a killing spree! It was Weird Al's response to the record company wanting him to make a Christmas record.

'December Will Be Magic Again' Kate Bush

This Christmas track is quintessentially Kate Bush and doesn't get nearly enough airplay. Released in 1980, but recorded and first performed on Kate's 1979 Christmas Special the song made it to number 29 on the UK charts.

'Rudest Christmas song Ever' - Fascinating Aida

This song is so legendary it doesn't even need a title or introduction!

'Father Christmas' - The Kinks

Who else to write an anti- Christmas song than The Kinks! In a typical bitter punk style, 'Father Christmas' from 1977, tells the story of Santa who is mugged by working-class kids who want FC to leave their parents' money and jobs.

'Christmas in Hollis' - Run DMC

"Christmas in Hollis" is a single by Run-DMC that was included on two 1987 Christmas compilation albums featuring various artists: A Very Special Christmas and Christmas Rap. "Christmas in Hollis" went on to win Rolling Stone's Best Video of the Year award in 1987

'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer' Elmo and Patsy

Written by Randy Brooks, the song was originally performed by Elmo Shropshire in 1979. The lyrics tell the story of the speaker's grandmother celebrating Christmas Eve with her family and venturing out into a snowstorm without her medication while drunk on eggnog. In the music video, in which Elmo plays both Grandma and Grandpa while Patsy plays Cousin Mel, Grandma survives the attack and makes a triumphant return through the chimney


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