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This week's round-up: New music from Saxon, Bright & Black and Amy Gadiaga

We go all over the place musically this week with some old-school heavy metal, jazz- fusion and even a metal orchestral project!

Saxon 'There's Something in Roswell'

Saxon unleash the video for “There’s Something In Roswell”, the second single from the band’s 24th studio album, Hell, Fire And Damnation out this week via Silver Lining Music.

Hell, Fire And Damnation sees the band investigate all areas of history and mystery amidst ten of their most confident and thunderously powerful songs and “There's Something In Roswell” is a true treasure amidst the jewels, with the sort of expansive groove and embrace which deserves arenas. The track is about the enigmatic events surrounding the 1947 crash of an assumed Army weather balloon in Roswell New Mexico, referred to as ‘The Roswell incident’. 

“It’s such a great story. It’s been around for years and years, and it’s just what the song says: there must be something in Roswell because there’s too much hoorah about it still”, lead singer and founder-member Biff Byford explains. “I like the tune as well, I think it harks back to ‘80s Saxon musically, a really good bridge between the classic ‘Dallas 1 PM’ era and ‘Saxon 2023.’”

Bright & Black 'Mounts of Misfortune'

Symphony orchestra project BRIGHT & BLACK have unveiled an epic new song 'Mounts of Misfortune', a raw beauty of nordic darkness. The track was composed by Erik Danielsson (Watain), and arranged by Nico Elgstrand, Jacob Hellner and Eicca Toppinen.

Their new track is a huge cinematic vista of dark strings, brooding percussion and a thrilling journey.

Amy Gadiaga 'Paloma Negra'

UK-based Parisian bassist, vocalist and composer Amy Gadiaga has announced the release of her debut EP All Black Everything, set for release on the Jazz re:freshed label on April 5th 2024.

All Black Everything’s lead single Paloma Negra, is an adventurous, unpredictable track pervaded by shimmering jazz grooves and Mexican rhythms.

“Paloma Negra is a tribute to black artists as they contribute to shifting culture all over the world” explains Gadiaga. “I wrote it during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement at a time when I was really into Mexican folk music. The title means Black Dove in Spanish and it’s a recurring theme in Mexican folk songs.”


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