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This week's round-up: New music from, New Model Army, The End Machine and Blackout Problems

This week we have AOR, protest songs and some old-school trip-rock

New Model Army - 'Language'

New Model Army and earMUSIC are celebrating the worldwide chart success of the band’s recent studio album Unbroken by releasing the lyric video for the song ‘Language’.

With their U.K. and European Unbroken tour about to start – including sold-out shows in France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland and the UK – Unbroken has reached top positions in the official album charts globally.

The brand-new studio album “Unbroken” is the current face of New Model Army, bringing together both their old school energy and their contemporary sophistication to create one of the finest albums of their long career.

Unbroken chart positions include:

#1 – UK*

#5 – Germany

#8 – Sweden**

#11 – Netherlands***

#13 – Switzerland

#25 - Poland

#37 – France**

* Rock Charts

**Physical Album Charts

***Vinyl Charts

Produced by Tchad Blake (Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam, The Black Keys, U2) the band continue to push the boundaries of their signature sound while staying true to their heart.

The End Machine - 'Killer of the Night'

The End Machine have shared the official video for "Killer Of The Night", the second single from their anticipated new album "The Quantum Phase", set for release on March 8th.

Established in 2018, THE END MACHINE released their eponymous debut album, 'The End Machine,' in 2019 bringing early acclaim for not only contemporary production and a modern attitude, but also their perfectly crafted songs, paying homage to their roots and the music that they love. This attitude and talent was equally on display with their 2021 sophomore album, 'Phase2'.

Singer Robert Mason has officially parted ways with the group, paving the way for Girish Pradhan, the rising superstar vocalist known for his work under the moniker Girish And The Chronicles and, more recently, with Joel Hoekstra’s 13.

In delivering 2024's 'The Quantum Phase,' THE END MACHINE has not only surpassed expectations but has penned the record of their lives! With each note and lyric, they have exceeded their own artistic aspirations, collectively crafting the album they always wished they had written. This monumental work stands as a testament to THE END MACHINE's evolution, showcasing not only their musical prowess but also their unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of their creative expression.

Blackout Problems - 'Whales'

BLACKOUT PROBLEMS have released their brand new single ‘WHALES’. The track comes ahead of the release of their new album RIOT next week on February 23rd via Sony Music.

“Oh shit, we forgot our safety word!” cries frontman Mario Radetzky in the opening lines of ‘WHALES’, kicking off the loudest, angriest and heaviest song in the band's history.

Out of the feeling of having landed in a world they don't really want to be in, the Munich trio instigates a peaceful musical uprising with ‘WHALES’ that has it all. Under dark synthesizers, rock riffs and driving drums, they position themselves with a clear no to the right and a loud yes to resistance. The essence: “Never again” is now.

“‘WHALES’ is the most aggressive song on RIOT, with the most powerful sound and at the same time the most current, urgent and timeless song. It contains all the important topics that concern us: the shift to the right, AfD (Alternative For Germany) agitation, hate comments on the internet, criticism of capitalism, but also personal loss," says Mario.

Inspired by resistance fighter Sophie Scholl and activists like Luisa Neubauer, BLACKOUT PROBLEMS take the discontent of the times and use it as a driving force - "Our flame won't get any smaller if you feed it with oil."

"With ‘WHALES’, we want to give ourselves as a band and everyone else the strength to stand up for our own opinions and values - at a time when this is not always easy. On the internet in particular, many people quickly feel triggered and the boundaries become very blurry. You have to expect a headwind with every criticism, every statement makes you vulnerable. We want to encourage people to stand up to this. We support going on the streets, protesting and becoming active in a wide variety of ways. Our mouthpiece and main means of expression for our resistance: our music."

With the message in focus, the trio performs the song together in a car in the accompanying music video. Because no matter where you are - resistance can be shown everywhere.


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