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This week's round-up: New music from Killington Pit, Myrath and The Now

A heavy metal cover, power rock and new music from rising rock band The Now

Killington Pit 'Riding on the Wind'

As Killington Pit prepare to release their first original material later in 2024 and play their first live shows, the band are set to release another of their hugely popular cover songs. 

Friday 16th February will see the band release a stunning cover of the Judas Priest classic “Riding On the Wind”. The track comes from Priest’s seminal 1982 “Screaming For Vengeance” album and is another perfect showcase for the sound and chemistry of newcomers Killington Pit. The track features a stunning performance video from the band.

The new cover version follows the bands initial two single releases.Their cover of Accept’s “Balls To The Wall” & Rainbow’s “Kill the King” now have over one and a half million streams on Spotify and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

The members of Killington Pit connected during the pandemic lockdown and began recording together. As time progressed friendships grew and a core band formed with Terry LeRoi, Will Hunt, Troy McLawhorn and Chuck Garric. “Kill The King” also featured veteran guitarist Stef Burns (Alice Cooper/Huey Lewis & The News) and vocalist guitarist Jeff Blando (Slaughter/Lynchmob/Vince Neil).

Myrath 'Candles Cry'

Myrath reveal their new single “Candles Cry”, the final peek into their upcoming new studio album “Karma” that will be released in exactly two weeks from now, on March 8th.The song, a very special and personal one to the band, comes with a cinematic music video directed by Raf Reyntjens which was shot in May, 2023 in Belgrade (Serbia).

Says Kevin Codfert (producer & keyboarder of Myrath): “This song is very special to me as it’s the first vocal duet I’m singing with Zaher.At first, it wasn't supposed to go like this. I presented my interpretation of the chorus to Zaher, and he said, « I love your voice. So, go ahead, I'd rather have you sing it!! From a deeper perspective, this song is about the loss of free will, of soldiers who no longer know which cause they should support.”

The song deals with inner conflict and how these can easily manifest in a negative way – if you choose to not resolve it. In an ever-changing society, which is doomed to be under constant pressure, the band makes a strong statement and encourages people to tackle them through music.

The band members of Myrath are strong believer in “music being medicine for the soul” and wants to encourage people to use music as an escape from their daily lives.

The Now - 'Truth Always Comes Out In The End'

Head-turning rising rockers The Now release their catchy, synth and guitar driven new single ‘Truth Always Comes Out In The End’ available on all digital platforms now. “It’s about the upper classes and the political elite using the working class as pawns for their own game. We as individuals will never have the power to override their demands and as a working class group we depend on the truth of their actions to come out and bring them down.” The engaging and charismatic frontman Shane Callaghan defiantly states, “Think about the way in which the Conservatives have lessened their grip on the government and the truth now coming out about what they did during lockdown.

The conversation provoking track is taken from their much awaited and highly dynamic debut albumToo Hot To Handle’ set for release March 1 on CD/vinyl and all digital platforms via Trew Music, pre-order/pre-save HERE. Accompanying the release is the impactful and striking video highlighting the story behind the song that etches a mark on the viewer.

Hailing from South Wales UK, the energetic 4 piece are made up of Shane (lead vocals/guitar), Callum Bromage (guitar/vocals), Jay Evans on (bass/vocals), Will Scott (drums), as a live band they ensure that not only will you see one of the best shows around, there’s a place for you to escape the mundane fallacies of day to day life and to be part of something bigger than you can imagine. Their hooky, instantly relatable music has been featured as a Planet Rock Track of The Week, on ITV, BBC Radio 2 Johnnie Walker Show, Sky Sports to name a few. The stunning debut was recorded at the highly renowned Real World Studios and produced by Grammy Award winning Oli Jacobs, (Peter Gabriel, The 1975).

It’s a safe bet to say that we have something for everyone and we’ve all been through difficult times in our lives - from emotional break ups, to the ever changing transitions we face and obviously the challenges of losing people close to us. We want to take our fans and new listeners on a journey and to pull out their own meaning for themselves from each of our songs.


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