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This week's round-up: New music from AK & The Red Kites, Limbonauts and The Commoners

A debut single, a protest song and a heartfelt tribute in this week's round-up of some great new music

AK & The Red Kites - Devil's Stomp

AK & The Red Kites are pleased to release the hook-laden debut single ‘Devil's Stomp’ available now on all digital platforms. Pulling inspiration from a myriad of modern rock and legacy bands, the dark and brooding song would not be out of place on a hit dramatic TV show such as ‘Yellowstone’ or Marvel's ‘The Punisher’.

A modern rock band with a retro-infused vibe, AK & The Red Kites bear big riffs and vast melodic soundscapes. The cornerstone of this new exciting venture is frontman/guitarist Andrew Knightley, rising from the ashes of his previous band blues rockers Trident Waters. “‘Devil’s Stomp’ came about from a bunch of trips to the US and images of wastelands in the old Wild West, of a nefariously natured preacher man passing through taking his self-entitled dues from the local town folk.” Accompanying the single is the cinematic and sweeping video, “The original plan was to shoot in Joshua Tree US, but we ended up on the UK Yorkshire Moors with amazing weather conditions which really enhance the emotional charge of the song and the drone shots reflect the name of the band.”

Having eloped to the Chiltern Hills UK during the global pandemic, Andrew began writing songs that would shape the project to come. “I wrote most of my new music looking out the window onto the woods and the Red Kites are always circling overhead. I felt a connection, that they were part of my inspiration, as they glided across the sky crying and going about their business. I wanted to honour that sense of freedom and protection that they have provided me with. AK & The Red Kites is a direct reference to my creative process and where I am now as a person.”

Working with multi-platinum award-winning producer Mike Krompass (Everybody Loves An Outlaw), the forthcoming releases will showcase Knightley's eclectic range as a songwriter and musician; ranging from full on high tempo hard rockers to panoramic swamp vibes with incursions into country and blues rock territory in the vein of Rival Sons, Greta Van Fleet and ZZ Top.

“There were about 25 tracks demoed and initially there were only going to be 10 recorded. As the process went on we decided to stretch that to 16 as there were too many strong tracks to whittle it down. It’s a really exciting project and I can’t wait for the world to hear what’s been cooking!” With audiences also promised a visually striking experience when the full band take to the stage, AK & The Red Kites is perched to soar throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

LIMBONAUTS - 'Sacred Bomb'

Following on from their last release ‘Come 2 Where U R’,  The Limbonauts return with a fierce peace anthem for troubled times. Sacred Bomb is a full-blast assault on the warmongering hypocrisies of organised religion and a desperate call for spiritual renewal, encased in a platinum shell of explosive rock and roll fury.

The Limbonauts are a mysterious space rock entity from another dimension or maybe from a studio in the outer limits of Texas.  Who knows?  Sacred Bomb drops out of Limbo on April 11th 2024 via radiosapien/Distrokid. Sensitive listeners are advised to seek shelter.

The Commoners - 'See You Again'

Following the success of their previous three singles “Devil Teasin’ Me,” “The Way I Am,” and “Too Soon To Know You,” Canadian roots and rock band The Commoners are pleased to announce the Friday 12h April release of “See You Again” – the fourth single taken from their highly anticipated third studio album, Restless. Released by Gypsy Soul Records on Friday 5 July 2024, Restless is available to pre-order at

An emotionally compelling roots anthem, “See You Again” is an ode to love and loss, good times and memories made, featuring a chorus fit for kicking up dust on the backroads with the windows down. Full-bodied acoustic guitar guides this track through contemplation to celebration.

The new single is a tribute to the father of Commoners drummer Adam Cannon, who passed away when the band were on tour in the UK in 2023.

“We were in Sheffield when we received the news,” remembers Commoners lead singer, Chris Medhurst.   “Halfway through our first UK tour, Adam was faced with the impossible decision if he should fly back to Canada to be with his father in his final moments. Greg, being a drummer himself, wanted nothing more than for Adam to keep going and make the family name proud. But the decision still weighed heavily on Adam and the band, as nothing felt like the right path forward.”

“A couple of days later in Birmingham, the decision was made for us. We played for Greg that night and have continued to do so every night since. "See You Again" is a song inspired by and dedicated to Greg. It’s also a message that each of us has been able to contextualize within our own lives, honouring the memory of people we’ve loved and lost. It’s a tribute that stretches across the sands of time as an ode to those who are no longer with us. We hope fans enjoy it and that it will resonate with those who have experienced loss in their lifetime.”

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Apr 18
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love that audio soundscape in the middle of the Limbonauts track.

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