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Gutter trash rock and roll

In The Suicide Note's bio the band describes themselves as "UK Gutter-trash rock n' roll. Buzzsaw guitars and raw nicotine-soaked vocals, rock 'n' roll swagger, and whiskey on the rocks. The illegitimate sons of punk and sleaze conceived on a bed of red wine, cigarettes, and back-alley attitude": that about sums the band up. Think Quireboys, with a sprinkle of AC/DC and a healthy dollop of early punk and that pretty much sums up the energy and attitude of the 'Trampstamp' EP.

'Rolling With The Punches' is a frenetic and stonking opener with genre tropes, energy and some toe-tapping riffs to boot. The rest of the EP is filled with similar scuzzy, jump-around tracks including a fab cover of 'Dead Flowers'.

The Suicide Note's album is four tracks of the sort of music you remember moshing out to in a dimly lit dive pre-Covid. You remember those places with sticky floors, where you could get sweaty as hell, and hug people you didn't know all through the euphoria of music (and maybe alcohol). Trampstamp epitomizes those halcyon days. It may not be daring or groundbreaking musically, but who cares?: It's a total blast.


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