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Is it three times a charm for The Ferrymen? #albumreview #roack #metal #theferrymen

When you get Primal Fear's guitar supremo Magnus Karlsson, powerhouse drummer Mike Terrana and

Rainbow/Vandenberg vocalist, the superb Ronnie Romero, the results were always going to be incendary.

It goes without saying that the trio brings to the party flourishing arrangements, mythical and human lyrics that will appeal to melodic metal fans; but they also bring an epic wall of sound. Shock horror - there is no bass player. Karlsson and Terrana take over the forceful percussion duties, with the Karlson firing out power chords before launching into wailing neo-classical Malmsteen-inspired solos. Those familiar with Ronnie Romero's other vocal performances as 'lungs for hire' won't be disappointed either with power metal belters like 'The Last Wave'.

The album, while not quite conceptual leans towards it with tales of love, loss, battles, journeys to the underworld. The first half is marginally lighter with 'One Word' leading the way, before 'City of Hate' steers the album towards more somber tones of 'Bringers of the Dark' and 'The Other Side' culminating in 'The Passenger'.

Album number three for The Ferrymen ticks all the boxes for melodic metal fans, but it's heavy enough to appeal to those who want a bit more bite.

Look out for the limited edition lush green vinyl!


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