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The Dave Foster Band release the epic new track 'Sleep Spindles'

The Anglo-Dutch rock/pop act The Dave Foster Band will release their third album at the end of May. Intriguingly titled and dynamic sounding, ‘Maybe They’ll Come Back For Us’ is helmed by acclaimed guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Dave Foster and vocalist Dinet Poortman, but also features star turns from guitarist Steve Rothery of Marillion, bassist Mark King of Level 42 and singer Carly Bryant (ex Big Big Train), as well as regular collaborators that include bassist Neil Fairclough (Queen + Adam Lambert), drummer Leon Parr (Steve Rothery Band), pianist Anthony Hindley and string arranger Stephen Boyce Buckley.

‘Maybe They’ll Come Back For Us' will initially be available on CD and LP formats (aqua blue vinyl), with download and streaming options to follow on 28th June. A first single and video from the album for its opening song, ‘Sleep Spindles’, is available from today.

“I learned about sleep spindles while reading the brilliant 'Why We Sleep' by Matthew Walker,” says Foster. “In short, they are a specific brain wave pattern that researchers believe is a process that our brains use for long term memory consolidation and sensory processing. When I first read the phrase I wrote it down as a potential song title.”

“I remember loving the title when Dave suggested it,” adds Poortman, “figuring that different wave patterns that can be measured in your brain were like individual places you can visit and have all sorts of experiences. I used to be a lecturer in Neuropsychology and did a course that taught me all about sleep spindles and the different stages of your brain while concentrating, at rest and asleep. In the process of writing the lyric for the song I was having sleep issues for pretty much the first time ever and it got me thinking about the effects of sleep, or no sleep at all.”

Discussing the album as a whole, Foster explains that “we wanted to make sure that the recording process was as relaxed as when we made our last record ['Glimmer'], as it makes a big difference feeling like you have things under control,” states Foster. “We split the studio time between The Forge in Oswestry, where we laid down Leon’s drums and Neil’s bass with Al Unsworth on engineering and mixing duties, and my own home set-up, where we recorded Anthony’s piano wizardry, most of my guitar work and Dinet’s vocals, which really sparkle.”

Asked about the additional guests, he reveals that “I had previously asked Steve Rothery if he would perform on a track. Once I had the structure for the new song 'These Tendencies’, I immediately thought that he would enjoy playing over it. We've known each other for so long and know each other's playing so well that these decisions become easy. I adore his solo on it.” As for Mark King, he adds: “we have a mutual friend who I asked to pass on a message enquiring if he might be up for playing on the song ‘Talent To Failure’, and thankfully he said ‘yes’. It was exciting that he wanted to work with us.”

The cover artwork for ‘Maybe They’ll Come Back For Us’ features a distinctive and highly colourful photograph by Japan-based Tsuki Kitsune. “I found him by chance on Instagram and as soon as I looked at his profile I knew I'd found something special. He was great to deal with and I think that the cover is one of the best photographs I've ever seen,” Foster concludes.

Taken from the new album 'Maybe They'll Come Back For Us' to be released on Friday 31st May (Physical) and Friday 28th June (Streaming).

Pre-order at:

Dinet Poortman - Vocals

Leon Parr - Drums

Dave Foster - Guitars, Bass & Keyboards


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