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Suzi Quatro and KT Tunstall Face to Face review: Two leading music icons come together for an exciting album

Suzi Quatro and KT Tunstall have come together for an exciting album of 10 original tracks that draw life, love, their experiences in the biz and everything in between.

So many of these types of albums suffer because they are recorded independently from each other, but Quatro and Tunstall don't fall into this trap. Face to Face is literally taking after its namesake and the interplay between the two artists only enhances the listening experience.

At times their voices segue seamlessly between verses and lines, and their vocal harmonies are so tight that you'd only normally get that sound from people who are related.  "Shine a Light", is an empowering track about recognising your own light, but also letting go of those toxic people that don't want to what's best for you.  

"Face to Face" and "Illusion" are also notable tracks on an album that is light on fillers. 'Good Kinda Hot' has the feel of a Led Zep song, but this borrowing can surely be overlooked - especially considering it's an incendiary rock track.

Suzi’s son LR Tuckey produces and manages to craft a sound that benefits both artists and gives them space to do their thing. You can hear the rapport and respect these musicians have for each other on the record.

It may not boast the artists' best material, but as far as duo albums go, it has a lot to offer. 


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