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Husband and wife duo, Starlite and Campbell (Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell) question what it is to be human on their third album. The album is intended to be played in two distinct sections, without breaks, and takes the listener on a philosophical, moral, existential journey. It's a one-way ticket into their unique musical world.

The album covers a gambit of subjects that impact our modern world: organised religion, AI, war, dementia, narcissism, and manipulation, it's rage-inducing and deeply moving in equal measure. Musically it's influenced by prog, synth-pop and rock. The gutsy album opener 'Saving Me' is a complex amalgam of all of those genres and it delivers in bucket loads. Did I mention there's a killer riff too.

Campbell's excellent bluesy rock vocal on the album is balanced by Starlite's tender and elegant pop tones on songs like 'The Coat'. 'The Voting Machine' calls to mind ELO and Olivia Newton-John with a spattering of early Human League. Every track has something to get your ear and your brain into. It's not an album that you can just listen to, it's one you have to commit to and it makes you work to reap the rewards.

STARLITE.ONE is a heavy listen that makes you evaluate yourself, the world you live in, and hopefully come out of it a better person. Every time you listen you'll hear different things, either from the tone of the vocals, or the arrangements. It really is a multi-layered artwork that happens to be streamed or on vinyl rather than canvas.

The album is part of a wider multi-media project (even the album artwork is part of the whole package), just look at their videos to get the vibe they are creating. It's basically art set to music. If you are done listening to the lyrics, the music has plenty to unpick too. It's overflowing with space-age sounds and emotions, along with deeply human ones too. Jump onboard STARLITE.ONE, it won't disappoint.


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