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Prepare for a thrilling journey as multimedia artists Starlite & Campbell release the official video for 'The Voting Machine' igniting the senses with a captivating rocket launch courtesy of NASA. Released on Thursday, November 2nd, the compelling visuals also include footage filmed by videographer Daniela Ferreira inside the stunning Tejo Power Station in Lisbon, Portugal - promising an electrifying fusion of music and storytelling.

Starlite explained: "The Voting Machine offers a poignant reflection of the pivotal role of machines and the voting systems employed in different societies and cultures throughout the world."

Renowned for their visionary artistry and musical entrepreneurial spirit, husband and wife Suzy Starlite & Simon Campbell recently released their third studio album STARLITE.ONE to effusive 5-star critical acclaim. Working with Hugo Danin, one of the finest drummers in Europe, the duo have conjured a truly unique musical narrative. Praised by Classic Rock Magazine and lauded for its profound artistry, STARLITE.ONE offers an experience which is part of a broader multimedia project.

Described by Gerry Driver of PhotoGroupie as 'art set to music,' it offers a vibrant collection filled with celestial sounds and poignant human emotions. Music News, UK celebrates its exquisite performances, and Fabrications HQ hails it as a highly creative art rock album, delving into profound themes and concepts.

STARLITE.ONE offers a captivating, innovative sonic journey, distinguished by its refreshing exploration and rich contemporary thematic depth


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