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Yorkshire's finest seize the day

For over 40 years the Yorkshire strongmen have been flying the flag for heavy metal. While some of their stablemates have veered off the NWOBHM course by adding keyboards, being more progressive and even covering Joan Baez, Saxon have stood steadfast - you have to admire their dedication to the faith.

The title track from their latest 'Carpe Diem' studio release leads the charge. Saxon has always seemed unstoppable and the last night of their current tour at London's Roundhouse is again a testament to this. Biff Byford, despite recent heart surgery, is sounding as warrior-like as ever and ready to lead his NWOBHM army. The addition of the track 'I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive) seems very apt.

Another new track 'Dambusters' has the rampaging bombast of Maiden’s 'Aces High'. The band unleashes the beast with the rare outings of 'Thin Red Line' and 'Metalhead'. A phenomenal version of 'The Eagle Has Landed' proved beyond doubt that Saxon are still at the top of their game.

It wouldn’t be a Saxon show without '747/ Strangers In The Night' or 'Wheels of Steel', but it's the new tracks that make the biggest impact. 'Carpe Diem' is one of the band's finest albums. And as Biff says "if you haven't bought a copy...steal it." We're pretty sure in this day and age you don't have to go to those extremes, but it's well worth putting it on your Christmas list.

It would seem that despite their long tenure in the rock world, Saxon are thankfully not ready to put down their weapons and are very much seizing the day.


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