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Robert Jon & The Wreck were so confident about the quality of their new album that they were road-testing some of the new material months before it was released. The live crowds lapped up the new offerings as if they had been in the set for years. working with Joe Bonamassa and his Journeyman Records enabled the band to go against industry norms and release singles on their terms.

Far from being misplaced Sol Cal hubris, it's clear that this album is a sure-fire winner within a few tracks. It's a rare find and certainly one of a kind. Revitalised with a crisp, full-bodied production - led by luminaries, Don Was, Dave Cobb, Joe Bonanamassa, Josh smith and Kevin Shirley, the band seem stronger than ever. Don't worry about too many cooks having their hands on the production, it's pretty much seamless, with all the players working towards the end goal. 'Ride into the Light' cranks up the volume and guitars when it needs to and lets the impeccable songwriting speak for itself, all the time giving Robert Jon & The Wreck a glorious southern rock gloss.

'Pain No More' dives straight in with some classic Americana, before putting the breaks on with 'Who Can You Love'. Most bands would choose to place the soft shuffle of this country ballad toward the end of the album, not these guys, they like to mix things up and have the ability to do it. In fact, they swap it out for the stadium-worthy, Allman-inspired 'Bring Me Back Home Again'. This shows a band who has belief in what they are doing by carving out a new era for southern rock, while still honoring what has gone before.

There's no fluff, or unnecessary perambulating tracks here. The whole thing is wrapped up into a neat and tidy album that runs a little over half an hour. Ride on!

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