HI THERE THANKS FOR ANSWERING SOME QUESTIONS FOR US. You’re welcome, thank you for taking the time to interview us! We appreciate the exposure, thank you! TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR NEW ALBUM This album will be the debut album for Ugly Clinic. It consists of 11 Punk/Rock songs filled with hooky chorus’, raw guitars and attitude. We finished recording it about 2 months ago at Musical Vision, Aberdeen and it was produced by the brilliant Andy Philip. We’re slowly releasing the songs bit by bit, trying to let our audience enjoy the songs rather than overindulge them with the full album straight away. But we are very excited to have everyone hear them! HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT THE SONGWRITING PROCESS? For the album, our bassist Davie has fallen into the role of the main songwriter for the first album writing 9 out of the 11 songs. Davie is fortunate enough to have some recording equipment at home, and when we say recording equipment, we mean a computer, interface and software, as I said we’re a poor band! Davie usually delves himself into it very regularly. He’ll crack open a beer or two and put together a demo backing track of a song. 4-5 beers in and he’s in his bathroom laying down some vocals over the top of it and he sends them into us. When we hear something that we really like we all jump all over it and get working on it straight away at our practice. Although not every track has made it, there has been a few sent in that we tend to just stay silent about haha!

WHAT INSPIRED THE ALBUM? Given that Davie has written the majority of the songs we’ve let him answer this one. He writes, I’m a cynic, that’s why I'm in the clinic. I’m one of the two old fuckers in the band, not the oldest though, Pete (guitarist) wins that award. Everyday life was the inspiration for the album though. The way the checkout guy gives you a dirty look for buying beer every day, the way sand gets in your eyes when you're on the beach on a hot day, the feeling of standing in dogs shit just before you get on a bus, putting your recycling bin out too late, chips but no salt, stubbing your toe on the bottom of the door. A lot of day to day frustrations inspired the album.