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We chat with Swedish rock band D.I.G about their new single and making music

Please introduce yourself for us who are not familiar with you and your music and tell us a bit about yourself .

We are heavy rock trio D.I.G from Sweden. We started playing music together in 2013 and right now we have released one album, one EP and have a brand new single out called "in the blink of an eye". The band is Björn on vocals and guitar, Fredrik on bass and Jonathan on Drums. We consider our music to be a mix of classic and modern hardrock. We take influence from so much different music and We believe this reflects in the music we write. Fredrik is a metal head, Björn is a music junkie and Jonathan is the meat and potato rock guy (Ac/Dc).

Tell us a little about your new album or single.

Our new single "in the blink of an eye" came out in may on youtube and Spotify. It´s a pretty straight forward rock song with what we believe is a catchy chorus! The lyrics are about taking control of your life and doing what you want to, cause it can all be over in the blink of an eye! We are really happy over this song and it will be on the new album coming in late 2020.

Can you sum up the album/single in a few words.

Heavy energy straight to the ears

What record changed your life and why?

Björn I can only speak for myself but I used to listen to my father's collection of 70 and 80´s rock as a kid, I was really found (and still are) about the band Europe! The guitar solos kee Marcello provides on out of this world album is just pure magic! BUT the album that got me into THINKING music was really Dream Theater and images and words album! it changed my life in that way that now I was aware of what music could be like and it inspired me to start to play more guitar and drums.

Do you have a favourite music video filmed by your band or any other artist?

We are really proud of the video to our song "in the blink of an eye", it's on youtube and I think you should check it out. From another artists I mean there are so many great videos! Mastodon has great videos, Crobot has great videos and so on. Favourite video right now is Hardcore Superstar and the song Baboon.

What would we find you doing when not making music?

Björn- well I´m always into some kind of project! Right now I´m starting a company that makes ultra-pure water and also thinking about doing a mini festival next year.

Do you get nervous before performing live, and if so how do you deal with that?

Björn- I do get a bit nervous, not like a wreck or so but just a bit! I really want to play and sing good and I´m nervous that I cant deliver. I´m just trying to prep myself and the band before we go on stage AND remember the world won't end if I play the wrong chord! Just have fun.

How did you form the band?

Björn- Well at my birthday when I turned 30! Me, Fredrik and our former drummer Elias got up and played some songs and thought "well this is fun!" and I had many songs already written so we started to play and formed D.I.G

How do you write- do you have a key songwriter, or do you do all work together?

Björn- Well I´m the main songwriter, I write all music and lyrics. Our former drummer Elias and I wrote some songs together and Elias did some lyrics. Now it's just me. But we don't have a strict rule that forbids the rest of the band to write. Lately, I´ve been trying to present more unfinished songs to the band so we can work on them as a group and get more input. But you know as lead singer AND lead guitar player my ego is huge....

What inspires you?

Let's go hippie and say LIFE! life inspires me. There are so much in life to give you inspiration! people you meet, music you hear, things you do. This "corona" summer I hope to get out in the woods with my tent and get inspired.

Whats next?

NEW MUSIC :) we are writing new music and planning to record an new album. I would say that 60 % of the music is done and new music is getting ready as we speak. Really looking forward to get the album thing going again. Its a lot of work BUT it´s fun work!


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