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Hopeful and uplifting "Counting Fireworks" is a celebration of new beginnings, the transformative power of change and the limitless potential for growth and exploration, felt so intensely by so many of us at the very start of each new year. Beauty and wonder are found in life's uncertainties, but at times this beauty becomes obscured by anxiety and pessimism.

“Counting Fireworks” is a reminder that we don’t have to face the unknown alone; together we can always sing louder.

The single is released alongside a quirky music video, that continues the tradition of weird and truly DIY video art so close to the band’s heart. Inspired by the works of Michel Gondry, David Lynch and Ok Go, the whole video was shot in one take, with no edits or cuts. Produced by the band’s art director Elina Pasok, the 4-minute and 30-second clip takes you on a bizarre trip around a flat, filled with memories, dreams and visions of the future.

Forever is Made of Nows The b-side

"Forever is Made of Nows" was written in collaboration with another indie-rocker Londoner, songwriter and singer of Victory Kicks and The Young Flood John Sibley. The message is clear: stop counting the days and start making the days count. Living in the present moment and embracing life as it comes is the central theme of the track, which begins as a gentle acoustic number and then explodes into a wall-of-sound chorus.

"Forever is Made of Nows" is a testament to the power of positive thinking and the importance of making the most of every moment. It is a song that inspires listeners to never give up on their dreams and embrace life with joy and enthusiasm.

We Stayed Indoors album

“We Stayed Indoors” will be Plastic Barricades’ third full-length album, taking on the tricky subjects of hope, mental health, doubts, living in the moment, courage, perception change, regrets about the past and worries about the future.

The new album was recorded in collaboration with Sheffield-based drummer Chris Barber and Berlin-based singer Aellie Koto, as well as singer-songwriters Luke Joyce (Harsh Winters from Edinburgh) and John Sibley (Victory Kicks from London). Tom Hill (Modern Rituals; Muttering) worked his magic on the mixes at the Bookhouse Studios and long-time collaborator Andy “Hippie” Baldwin (Blur, Oasis, Interpol) sprinkled the sonic dust of mastering at Metropolis Studios.

Plastic Barricades is a faithful moniker of London-based singer-songwriter Dan Kert and his ever-changing troupe of collaborators. 2017 “Mechanics of Life” and 2020 “Self-Theories” form the current studio catalogue, with “We Stayed Indoors” scheduled to follow in 2023.





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