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PLACEBO are today announcing the Placebo Live box set, an extensive collection of career-spanning performances captured in Mexico, Spain and London. Remarkably, more than 25 years in their career, the set includes the first live album that band have ever released - Collapse Into Never: Placebo Live In Europe 2023.

Placebo Live also marks the first time that any live performances from the band have been made available on vinyl. Across the whole collection, vinyl, Blu-Ray and CD formats are catered to from three special live sets titled Collapse Into Never, This Is What You Wanted and Live From The White Room. Each was recorded in the last year and a half as the band toured the world in support of new album Never Let Me Go, playing to over 1.5 million fansin the process.

Collapse Into Never, recorded live at Low Festival in Spain, comes as a clear double-vinyl gatefold. This Is What You Wanted was recorded live in Mexico City and the extended set is included here on Blu-Ray. Live From The White Room, recorded at Studio 1 Twickenham Studios, brings seven songs from the band's acclaimed new album Never Let Me Go to life and is presented in a softpak gatefold CD.

The box set features songs from their eponymous debut Placebo, Black Market Music, Sleeping With Ghosts, Battle For The Sun, and Loud Like Love. Their acclaimed new album Never Let Me Go - which charted in the Top 10 in 13 countries on release last year - is also well represented here, including the album's lead single 'Beautiful James' which currently has over 35 million streams across platforms. Beloved fan-favourite covers like Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill' and Tears For Fears' 'Shout' also feature.

In 2023, one of the great live bands of the last 25 years finally gets the live album release they deserve. Placebo Live reasserts why their show continues to be the essential experience that it always has been.

Pre-order the box set HERE

Collapse Into Never - Live In Europe 2023

Clear double-vinyl gatefold album tracklisting


1. Forever Chemicals

2. Beautiful James

3. Scene of the Crime

4. Hugz

5. Happy Birthday In The Sky

Side 2

6. Bionic

7. Surrounded By Spies

8. Sad White Reggae

9. Try Better Next Time

10. Too Many Friends

Side 3

11. Went Missing

12. For What It's Worth

13. Slave To The Wage

14. Song To Say Goodbye

15. The Bitter End

16. Infra-Red

Side 4

17. Shout

18. Fix Yourself

19. Running Up That Hill

This Is What You Wanted -Live in Mexico City

Blu-Ray feature length concert film tracklisting

1. Opening Titles

2. Forever Chemicals

3. Beautiful James

4. Scene Of The Crime

5. Hugz

6. Happy Birthday In The Sky

7. Bionic

8. Twin Demons

9. Surrounded By Spies

10. Chemtrails

11. Sad White Reggae

12. Try Better Next Time

13. Too Many Friends

14. Went Missing

15. For What It's Worth

16. Slave to The Wage

17. Song To Say Goodbye

18. Come Undone

19. The Bitter End

20. Infra-Red

21. Shout

22. Fix Yourself

23. Running Up That Hill

Live From The White Room

Softpak gatefold CD tracklisting

1. Beautiful James

2. Fix Yourself

3. Happy Birthday In The Sky

4. Sad White Reggae

5. Surrounded By Spies

6. Try Better Next Time

7. Went Missing


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