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Award-winning British guitarist and songwriter Oli Brown has released his debut EP ‘Prelude’. The four-track EP is a collection of powerful and edgy rock rousers. It is very much a prelude in every way - in fact, it's the musical equivalent of a cliffhanger. Don't leave us hanging until the next season! But Oli has done just that, the big tease!

The EP is grounded firmly in Oli's alternate roots sound and forged by his own demons and awakenings. It's bitter, dark, authentic, and thrilling. 'Haunted' is an absolute stonker of a track. Not only is it an alt-rock anthem, but the subtle string arrangement also adds to the melancholy.

This EP could hint at the direction that Oli Brown & The Dead Collective may go towards in their future releases. It could of course just be purely a cathartic musical cocoon - and a way of getting the old out of his system, letting go, shedding the old, and preparing for the exciting metamorphosis to come.

About Oli Brown

This spring sees Oli return to stalking the stage with the band playing their debut headline show February 1 at The Flying Circus Newark swiftly followed by Planet Rock Winter’s End festival and a UK tour in March with Northern Irish rock royalty, The Answer - tickets on sale now here. With a deep reverence for rock, the band is raw and refined with Oli’s soaring vocals and emotive lyrics perfectly complementing the band's dynamic instrumentals, creating an immersive and unforgettable sonic experience in both a recorded and live setting.

Having taken the time during the worldwide lockdown to reconnect with his own songwriting and lyrics, the ultimate result is a stunning new EP offering with undeniable songs. As Oli states with a glint in his eyes, “The one thing I’ve got from being able to go back to my perspective is the ability to be honest with myself and the songs. It’s a raw account of my state of mind and health and a taste of what’s to come for the Dead Collective. Out with the old, in with The Dead.


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