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Kier Kemp unleashes some 'super emo' new music

A cathartic outlet for ex-FVK frontman Kier Kemp, Inklings launches video to support his latest single Dizzy. Talking about the track, he says “Dizzy is a song for everyone that ever felt that they needed a new start. Sometimes it can feel like things change and you’re never going to be the same... but ultimately the song is about combating that idea head on. You’ve got this”. A darker twist on the artists earlier releases, the track is the second to be released from his EP ‘Is This Who You Are?’ out August 28th. Building himself back up, Inklings say “The first EP was about putting myself back together after the divorce that was FVK... and this one is about wrestling with the fallout from that. It’s got a positive edge to it though. Even if the songs are super emo.”

Inklings is Kier Kemp. Producing delicately crafted melodies that lean on influences ranging from The Killers to Wham! His personal style of indie rock has been described by Clash as a “Powerful 80s fuelled pop vision”. After a string of self-released singles, Inklings signed with Marshall Records to release the ‘Piece By Piece’ EP, spearheaded by singles ‘Ambush’ and ‘Let Me Know You’re Alright’, with support from Rock Sound, Alt Press and at streaming services Spotify, Amazon and Deezer.


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