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EMPYRE strike back and announce the release of the third instalment of their acoustic journey

Just A Ride (Acoustic) is a stirring twist on the darker, electric original. It’s now more nuanced, more emotive. EMPYRE refrain from simply re-creating the electric arrangement in an acoustic format; they take their own track to an entirely different level, crafting a sonic dimension that is almost woven into the fabric of its lyrics. The original version of Just A Ride is inspired by American comedian and satirist Bill Hicks, and now the spirit of the song fully shines in the astounding lyric video, which adds another layer to the track, illustrating it with exquisite drawings, produced by Drew Hamley.

Alongside the creation of these new singles, EMPYRE have been incredibly active throughout the Covid-19 emergency with inventive initiatives: they welcomed fans to peek behind the curtains and get up-close and personal with the “Empyre at Home” series and Spotify Playlists. They’ve invited fans “inside” the music with ‘Isolation Sessions’ and they’ve even teamed up with international guitar publications providing guitar lessons; one was recently featured on Guitar World's “Sick Riffs”. 

EMPYRE are now are “re-entering” the real world and plan to re-initiate their substantial live activity. The band will play an outdoor and socially distanced show in August in their hometown, and are confirmed to perform at festivals across the UK in late 2020, including an incredible main stage show at this year Planet Rockstock.


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