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If the names Jeff Sandoval and Mike Araiza sound familiar to you, it’s because they are best known for their creative work with Frank Hannon, the guitarist and songwriter for the multi-platinum, hard rock band Tesla. Sandoval has been the lead singer, and Araiza, the guitarist, who supported Hannon’s songwriting for the Frank Hannon Band. With Hannon, Sandoval and Araiza also co-wrote the critically acclaimed songs for the Six String Soldiers, a popular record collection that Sandoval and Araiza performed, while touring the country with Hannon, and his other bandmates.

Sandoval and Araiza met in 2007, and soon became friends. It wasn’t long before they formed their own local band. Their similar musical interests have carried them through to this day. A third member of the group, Producer, Chris Collier has been instrumental in helping the pair find, and establish, their musical footing. So, now, after 7 years together, they have collaborated on many songs to create the necessary musical chemistry that has led to their successful working relationship in the studio. With more new music to come, “Healing The Fray” should have no trouble in establishing their own identity. These long-standing bonds with established players, and the natural talent of the group, promise more good work in the future.

Brainstorming each production has made the end result better than just the sum of the parts. Added to this mix are the talents of Will Hunt of “Evanescence” and Kurt Arft of “London’s Dungeon”, also co-wrote several songs with Clint Lowery of “Sevendust”. Sandoval and Araiza released several singles through 2013-2014. Project Playlist was released in July of 2016. Together, they have solidified into an effective group with a professional reputation for being hardworking and dedicated to creating a professional reputation.

Sandoval and Araiza have performed and recorded with a variety of other well-known musicians, including Dickey Betts of the “Allman Brothers”, Rick Derringer, Dave Meniketti & Aaron Leigh of “Y&T”, Pat Travers and Graham Bonnet of “Rainbow & Alcatraz”. Steve Brown of “Oleander”, Dan McNay of “Great White”, Gary Hoey, Cortney De Augustine, and Drew “THE PIPER!” Brown.

Eddie Trunk has said that Sandoval “Has some amazing pipes”. It has been written that “Jeff’s vocals bring to songs a heartfelt honesty that is sadly missing in most of today’s popular music. He brings both lyrics and melody to a triumphant conclusion giving them all the strengths of true classics.”

Araiza understands musical theory, and he is notorious for adding simple movements to his guitar style. Instead of reinventing the wheel with crazy riffs, or methods of playing, Araiza likes to put his own spin on his guitar playing skills, and make them sound like that could only be an Araiza riff.


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