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Prog metal band Halogram have returned with a cinematic track that outlines the chaos and destruction of the modern world, but also offers a sparkle of hope.

Sonically the track offers a future run by machines and electronics, (also hinted at in the artwork) but also a return to traditions. As powered up instruments and keyboards battle it out against the subtle tones of a piano and a lone human voice, all the forces come together in a final torrent of progressive sounds and ethereal beauty. At over six minutes long it's never dull and continually shifts to offer something exciting.

Artist: Halogram Genre: Instrumental, Progressive Metal Guitars,Keys and FX: Javier Iglesias Bass: Dani Mourinho Feat. Piano: André Moreiras Vocals: Pablo Somoza (min 4:01 - 4:22) Song written by Javier Iglesias and produced by Halogram. Mixed and Mastered by Buster Odeholm (Born Of Osiris) at Impact Studios ( Artwork by Pablo Outeiral Follow Halogram on: Facebook: Instagram: email: Get the song on: iTunes: Apple Music: Google play: Spotify: Deezer: Amazon: Napster: Link Coming Soon


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