It's time to reinstate the rock!

Filled with gloriously OTT rock tropes, the new track from DeVience frontman and X factor star Gio Spano has got a point. "These plastic trends will come and go, but here to stay is rock and roll!" If you look back at the chart history it was diverse. You'd easily find Iron Maiden, The Who and Guns N Roses rubbing shoulders with Bananarama, The Nolans and Cliff Richard. Nowadays you'd be hard-pressed to hear a real guitar riff, or indeed an actual band anywhere in the top 40. Gio aims to change all that.

Gio's new track is pop-rock, radio-friendly blaster that is guaranteed to brighten your mood and have you remembering what it was like to rock out!

Reinstate the Rock is out 4th Sept

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