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Neon Tigers team up with Philippa Hanna for melancholic yet hopeful new EDM single “No Sleep'”

Neon Tigers present debut single, "No Sleep," a blend of driving synth lines and ethereal female vocals, nailed to a moody EDM backdrop.

They invite you on a mystical journey with two fun-loving adventurers through the night, blurring the line between reality and dreams.

Is it a voyage into another world, or just the funfair of a child's imagination? One thing is for sure, It's a fun way to spend a sleepless night.

This lead single is a promising glimpse into a welcoming sonic landscape to soothe the soul.

Featuring is Philippa Hanna, no stranger to the dance music scene, having featured on a string of Drum & Bass hits including 'Back to the Streets' by BCee, and 'Forest' by D&B giants Hybrid Minds.

Producer Tim Gosden completes the Neon Tigers lineup. With remixes in the pipeline for artist Need River, and writer/producer credits with artists, Tiestö' and Mari Bella, this music partnership is the real deal.

"No Sleep" marks the duo's initial venture into the electronic music scene with this offering, a sign of promising things to come.

No Sleep is out now -


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